I’ve always taken lots of photos; a beautiful sunrise, a friend’s smile, a flower, the way the light hits an object, sunsets, home, holidays, it doesn’t matter! But they just lived on my phone; for the most part.

I hadn’t tried yoga until I was in mid 30s. I would have laughed at you if you’d told me that one day I’d be a yogi, and making yoga mats!!! A friend encouraged me to try yoga one morning, about 5 years ago, and I never looked
back. I still can’t do a headstand, or any fancy poses! But my whole mindset has changed for the better, and my inner-self has flourished. I will always be thankful for my friend for taking me, and for my amazing yoga teacher, Jen, for being such a guiding light on this journey.

Fast forward a few years, and despite my regular yoga practice, and taking care of my mental health, I fell in a hole. Part of my recovery was that I went for a walk each morning. Each morning, rain hail or shine, I would swing
my legs off the bed, put my sneakers on, and head out the door. I started posting a picture every morning, no matter the weather. This helped me stay accountable.

Those around me made comment and told me that I should do something with these photos; blow them up on canvas, sell them at markets. That didn’t really excite me though.

It was during shavasana one Saturday morning, I had been down to the beach beforehand for sunrise and I thought, why not combine these 2 interests of mine. Why not put the beautiful pictures on the mats?!
I sat with this idea for many years, unsure if I could do it, unsure how to start, unsure if anyone would buy them.

Eventually the “What if?” became so strong, I had to at least try!!!
I picked 6 of my favourite photos, and by this time, I had also started my swimwear & resort-wear label (Moali the Label) and had collaborated with a local textile designer. I absolutely loved the artwork and thought, let’s try that on a mat too! And as if that wasn’t enough, I had also taught myself how to use Illustrator (thanks COVID) so also sampled some of those.

I cried happy tears when I opened the first box of samples.

I had been through so much of a personal journey, and here sitting in my living room, were these beautiful, soft, luxurious yoga mats.

The Signature Collection was curated with gratitude, peace & love. Each photo brings back a memory of that exact moment in time for me.

In the Moali Collection, that original Moali print is such a gorgeous retro vibe; I’d decorate my whole house in it if I could! And who doesn’t love an animal print! The Daisy design makes me smile every time I look at it. It’s just got such a happy vibe!

If you want to see more of these beautiful designs, head over to Moali the label and check out our beautiful swimwear & sand free fringe beach towels (both made from recycled plastics collected from our oceans), and our stunning UPF 50+ beach umbrellas! 


Image credits: Bugglebee Photography

I still walk most mornings, and still capture anything and everything by taking a photo!! Anyone who spends time with me has heard “hang on I just need to take a photo” at least a hundred times :)

I really hope you enjoy your little piece of the Gold Coast, as you step onto your A Thousand Temples eco luxe yoga mat. 

Infinite Love & Gratitude

Bree x






Moali the label is a new, fresh brand and we want to start our footprint in the fitness industry on the right foot. We believe that sustainability is not a luxury, but a necessity, and that our customers are becoming more and more educated about the brands they wear and the impact they have on the environment.

Now, more than ever, we are starting to understand the damage we have done to our beautiful planet.

"The one thing we all have to do is simply not waste. Don't waste plastic. Don't waste power. Live within our means without inflicting damage on our plant" - Sir David Attenborough

Our eco luxe yoga mat base is 100% biodegradable natural tree rubber, free from nasty chemicals like latex, PVC, chlorine, silicone, toxic glue and phthalates. The base is bonded to the buttery suede top using a clever heat bonding process, without the need for harmful glues. 

Our exclusive designs are printed using natural inks that will not run or fade, to put a smile on your face and keeping Mother Nature happy too.

Finally, we rely on Australia Post & Sendle to deliver your packages to you, who both provide a carbon neutral shipping service. 

Carbon neutral means:

  • reducing emissions from our operations where possible
  • compensating for the remaining emissions by investing in carbon offset projects.



Our oceans are in crisis and they need our help. The threats are rising – climate change, plastic pollution and damaging commercial fishing practices endanger our vulnerable whales, turtles and dolphins. 

Living on the Gold Coast, with our beautiful beaches being such an integral part of our lives, we are committed to helping create a better future for our planet, and Australia's ocean wildlife. Along with using a natural tree rubber base, and a suede topper made from recycled plastics collected from our oceans, we pledge to give $1 from every sale to the Australian Marine Conservation Society. 

You can learn more about the AMCS here